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Please enter your details here if you would like to make an appointment to talk to one of our education counsellors to discuss your family’s needs. There is no charge for this no obligation service. If you would prefer, please phone us on 0800 0823440

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My Own Tutor is a service created and run by teachers and parents to provide children with individual tutoring. It is the comprehensive answer to helping your children get the best from their education. As well as providing a complete learning support service in Maths and English, homework help, we also provide practice and revision exercises in nearly all of the subjects covered in schools today.

The My Own Tutor service combines tutoring from qualified teachers, regular practice and revision exercises, diagnostic assessments, lessons on individual topics and regular detailed reports to you to let you know how your children are getting on. ...all at an affordable price.

Every My Own Tutor student has their own personalised Study Support plan. This plan monitors how they are doing, identifies any problem areas and then fixes them through our adaptive learning techniques, which check to see that lessons have been understood and reports to you your children’s successes and problem areas, which our teachers then help to fix.

My Own Tutor provides more qualified teacher support than tutoring centres like Kumon and all of our exercises are marked by us, not by parents. Unlike with private tutors, My Own Tutor is always there to help children in their maths and English learning.

The questions we use for practice, revision and assessments come from the QCA and the main examination boards, so they provide perfect preparation for SATs and GCSEs and there are already over 120,000 children using the systems which we employ.

To arrange a free telephone appointment with an Education Counsellor, simply fill out the form on this page and we will contact you to arrange a time which is suitable for you to discuss your children’s situation and where they need help.

Because this appointment takes place by phone, there’s no need for someone to visit your home and it can be arranged at any time of day to suit you.